Get the Forecast

Once you have the gear and some training it is important to get the weather and avalanche danger forecasts, before you head out into the backcountry.

Weather has a direct effect on the snowpack and the avalanche conditions. It also affects travel options, communication between the group and decision making.

The Avalanche danger advisories are a great way to prepare yourselves for a day in the backcountry. They are the starting point to understanding what sort of avalanche conditions are present, how dangerous they are and where to go to avoid them.

A team of snow safety professionals, across the country, work hard to study the snowpack, weather and changing conditions and then come up with a danger rating and travel advice to help you plan your trip.

Click on the map below for current information in your community

Each map shows outlines of the forecast regions filled with today's overall danger scale colour. Click on a region to reveal each elevation danger, then click on the popup to go to that region's community page.
Danger level information as read from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council.