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General Playlists Topics

Avalanche Release 

- Plenty of examples of avalanches being triggered and releasing

Avalanche Rescue

- tips and tricks to hone your skills

How to... tutorials

Instability tests, route finding...more

Back country Info - tainment

Features and impressions

AVALANCHE CANADA -Throttle Decisions

This is an excellent series of videos on VIMEO. While they are aimed at snowmobilers, much of the content is the same no matter how you travel in the backcountry.


Professional Playlist Series

What I would tell myself as a 25 year old rookie

- Pro Dev 2015 (Montana USA)

Avalanche Science

- Pro Dev 2014 (Montana USA)

Lessons Learned

- Pro Dev 2013 (Montana USA)

Decision-making and Psychology

- Pro Dev 2012 (Montana USA)

Surprise Avalanches and Post Control Releases

- Pro Dev 2011 (Montana USA)

Some of our favourites for different reasons: